The SACNR community has been around a very long time, over 10 years. In that time we went from a server with 1-2 players, all the way up to averaging over 200 online, and all the way back to 1-2 players again. It's been a lot of fun, but also to be honest, a lot of it has been a pain in the arse. I enjoyed most of it though, and would do it again if given the opportunity.

But, the harsh reality is that nobody is playing anymore. SACNR isn't the only thing I've got going on, and I have to make some tough decisions so I can properly switch focus to my other projects.

I did step back a bit in 2015 and let Jamie run things for quite some time, and he was able to extend the life of the server significantly. I do think it would have died a lot faster if it were not for Jamie's efforts.

Of course I also want to take a moment to thank Markski, as he put in a massive amount of effort and I will 100% miss working on this server with him.

Before I go thanking everyone though, I'm going to get to the point:

  • The game server is going to shut down permanently very soon (DATE TBC)
  • All game data will be safely backed up so we can restore it if we ever want to
  • The website and forums etc will also be shut down, and replaced with a memorial page. Details on this below...
  • SACNR Monitor will also shut down

For those interested in contributing to the memorial page, I've started a thread on the forums here:

Please go and contribute anything you'd like to see displayed permanently on once the website has been taken down. This is your time to shine :)

I will include my full list of people to thank on that page, but in the meantime I'm going to take a moment to thank:

  • All admins, past and present. The amount of really dumb shit you have to put up with as an admin will never be fully understood.
  • Special shoutout to Charles_Bukowski - miss ya, bud.
  • Those that have passed away during SACNR's life whom we have memorialized in game. We'll be doing something for you on the site too :)
  • Everyone who has played regularly over the years - the game is nothing if nobody is playing.
  • And lastly, those who have donated money. Every dollar we've received has gone directly into hosting/domains etc over the years, and from my maths, it's cost me more money than it's ever made. We never even had enough money to embezzle :(

Cheaters can go fuck themselves.

Cheers, Blacklite