The following list of changes comprises all the updates released since the last post.

You can see these as they're released in real time in our Discord guild.

SACNR v20.6.22

  • Implemented vehicle towing - In every police department, you can now pay in the counter to have your vehicle towed to the PD. This is very useful if you're arrested and your locked vehicle ends up far away.
  • Removed old "Press 2 to go fishing" message when entering boats, now it tells you to stand on the boat and /fish instead.
  • Improved the look of trucking mission menus.
  • Increased the payout for trucking mission in active city.
  • Increased the amount of drugs you can stash at the dealer to 2,000 grams, increased the withdrawal price to $6 a gram.
  • Improved desync detection on players in fights.
  • Fixed being prompted to buy Sniper ammo if you had a Country rifle and vice-versa at Ammunation.
  • Fixed very creative but exploity way to buy BMX bikes at Carshop.

SACNR v20.6.24

  • When a player disconnects, their plants will stay in the map for 30 seconds before being unloaded. This should make quitting to avoid having plants stolen pointless.
  • When a player with a hit disconnects, the hit will be given to whichever player recently shot them last. They'll also pay bigger medical fees than normal. This should make quitting to avoid hit pointless and immediatly punitive.
  • The distance a cop needs to be from a player to freeze their post-robbery counter is now a bit smaller.
  • The amount of health a suspect must have before being arrested by law enforcement has been decreased from 30 to 10.
  • Adjusted ELO algorithm to make rank progression easier. (easier doesn't mean easy. it was just unfairly hard before)
  • Fixed ELO issue causing some player's ranks to display "Rank unavailable".
  • Fixed ridiculous "The active city is now error" message on server restart.
  • Fixed law enforcement being able to damage innocents on drive-by.
  • Fixed bug where drugs and money wasn't shown correctly in house Storage menu.
  • Fixed bug where robbery spree wasn't lost upon being arrested.

SACNR v20.6.27

  • Attempting to carjack but failing will also be in /crimes now.
  • Failing or succeeding to break into a house will show the owner's name in /crimes now (if they're connected).
  • Robbing a biz will show the biz owner's name in /crimes now. (if they're connected)
  • When using /house or /biz to list your properties, you can now enter the number next to the property name to activate GPS navigation to that property.
  • Changed a few counters and textdraws to look more consistent.
  • Medics can now /takecrate (but better be ready to run if you do - being an unarmed medic doesn't make you less of a target, to put it mildly).
  • You can now see the /combatlog of other players by specifying name or ID.
  • /ci only lists the present classes per city now.
  • The sound played when you're getting shot is slightly louder now.
  • Fixed a couple more TDM bugs that still existed because of the new damage system, but hadn't been found. (namely the one where you sometimes could one-punch kill players)
  • Fixed CIA and Army having their TEC-9's replaced with MP5's in the PD garage's weapon refill.
  • Fixed groupmates being able to damage each other.
  • Fixed tazed players being able to take damage.
  • Fixed /rank not displaying correct ranks sometimes.

SACNR v20.6.29

  • Implemented "Briefcase control" activity. A briefcase with money will spawn in the active city at random, and you'll have to find it in a coloured area of the map. The player who finds and holds onto the briefcase without being killed or arrested until a timer runs out, keeps the money. Just like with crates, you'll be allowed to kill the player carrying the suitcase to take it from them, and arresting them will give the arresting cops a hefty bonus.
  • Increased the time to return to active city without losing robbery spree to 90 seconds.
  • Fishing rod status and amount of bait you have is now shown in the fishing shop menu.
  • Replaced chinesse fishing rods with more durable ones.
  • Decreased the amount of fish bait you may carry to 30.
  • The progress bar when a fish is caught will start at 1/4 progression instead of 1/2.
  • Removed the annoying Bayside (LV) and Angel Pine (SF) spawns as they served no purpose other than to make people relog or ragequit.
  • A few fixes to the damage system regarding explosions and vehicle ramming.
  • Fixed purchasing ammo for empty weapons resulting in said weapon becoming unusable.

SACNR v20.7.2

  • Cop proximity bonus for robberies no longer exist outside the active city. You can thank civ-cop teaming twats for that.
  • When there's too many cops in the server, they'll receive smaller payments, bonuses, and tazers will be more likely to fail.
  • Added indicators on top of the head of players who are fishing, playing circle catch or eating fish.
  • Changed a couple of texts to use simpler, easier to understand english.
  • Slightly increased the effect on ELO made by civilian jobs.
  • If you have distance in /settings set to metric, you'll now see fish weight represented in kilograms instead of pounds.
  • Added /briefcase (/case) to see which player is carrying the briefcase, if any.
  • Removed being able to commit crimes and gain jail time when you're already in jail. This wasn't really used at all in years and nowadays it was nothing other than a nuisance.
  • The text and menus shown to cops when they arrest a player, and to the player who gets arrested, are no longer Written In This Annoying Pascal-Cased Style Anymore.
  • Fixed "Please wait before starting another robbery" text when aiming at a bank employee after joining a group robbery.
  • Fixes and more improvements to damage system, explosions and such shenanigans.