• Modification to the ranks system. Namely decreased how much actions that happened a long time ago affect your rank.
  • A few updates ago the amount of assists for a single arrest was silently limited to 2. Now the accuracy of who gets the assists has been improved.
  • Certain announcements will show a player's name in a slightly different toned colour to make them stand out.
  • You'll be able to see when players nearby have gone AFK and when they're no longer AFK.
  • Overall decreased overdue taxes (much more so for active players).
  • Changed order of certain guns in Ammunation to be the same as in businesses.
  • Increased ammo of bought MP5's and Tec9's to 300.
  • Improved looks of jail time and framerate texts.
  • Fixed police garage replacing sawnoffs and MP5's.
  • Fixed /dfi showing a double negative if you lost cash.

Previous major changes not announced on the website:

  • Added buttons to choose a class on skin selection, instead of having to scroll skin by skin. You can also click these buttons as many times as you want to browse for random skins.
  • Added an option in /settings -> Interface to select an alternative colour for the game interface. This is only available to donating players. Feel free to suggest more colours.
  • Modified many non-updated screen texts to use the new sharper text style.
  • You can now use menus while surfing a vehicle, they'll no longer close by themselves.
  • Improved detection of dangerous weather, and added dangerous weather bonus to Long Haul truckers (previously only for Pilots).
  • Changing skin at the hospital now loads much faster, and won't show a death in the kill feed.
  • Arrests no longer cancel hit contracts.

The objective of this post is to also bring attention to the new experimental Racing system. I've avoided talking about it outside of the forums due to it's experimental state, but I feel it's now it's near-complete enough to be worth looking into for most of you.

As always, keep feedback, suggestions and bug reports coming at both our Forums and Discord.


SACNR Dev team