• If you succeed a robbery in any location, you won't be able to rob it again until you rob something else first.
  • Randomly finding guns when robbing an Ammunation will no longer replace your MP5 if you have one.
  • Crate race will now last 10 minutes.
  • Added "refill everything" option to Police Department garage menu.
  • The "recently robbed" time of locations will now vary by amount of cops online.
  • Lowered the maximum distance between a cop and a suspect for an arrest to happen.
  • Lowered the price of some weapons.
  • Made improvements on how new players are introduced to rules and help upon joining.
  • The location text under the radar is now on a corner instead of centered with the map.
  • There's now a chance you find a random weapon when you succeed to /escape from jail.
  • Fixed /combatlog showing damage that was done to a player after they died.
  • Fixed rare bug where vehicles purchased in carshop were flagged as "Public service".
  • Fixed losing stars while still holding the robbery bag.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

As always, we recommend you join our Discord to stay in touch with everyone in SACNR, as well as being able to see patchnotes for minor updates much faster than in the website. You can also report bugs at our forums.

Edit: Additionally, follow-up update v20.5.16 adds the following:

  • Added buttons to choose a class on skin selection, instead of having to scroll skin by skin. You can also click these buttons as many times as you want to browse for random skins.
  • Added an option in /settings -> Interface to select an alternative colour for the game interface. This is only available to donating players. Feel free to suggest more colours.
  • Added support for human-readable amounts in Gambling. (you can enter 15k instead of 15000, 1m instead of 1000000, etc)
  • Modified many non-updated screen texts to use the new sharper style.
  • You can now use the tazer by pressing middle mouse button. It'll automatically target the closest suspect.
  • Tazers are now weaker, and have a slightly shorter range.
  • It's no longer necessary to /quit for server restarts - It'll now gracefully reconnect like before.
  • Fixed bug which made arrests more easy than they should be.
  • Fixed bug which caused certain objects to prematurely disappear.


SACNR Dev team