Script improvements and bug fixes.

  • Combat & Sawnoff shotguns now come with 75 shells. (25 more than before)
  • M4 & AK-47 now come with 300 rounds. (100 more than before)
  • Lowered price of Desert Eagle to $6,000
  • Picking up a crate while it's about to dissapear will add some time to it.
  • Delivering a crate is now more tolerant of speed, and shows a message otherwise.
  • Changed some texts for drugs and bike jumping warnings.
  • As an innocent civilian or medic, cops should no longer be able to damage you with melee or vehicles. Medics shouldn't be able to cause damage the same way either.
  • If there's too many cops in the server, public service, arrest, assist and ticket payments will be lower. Likewise, if there's few cops, it'll get higher.
  • Corrected /help menu text which said biz income happens every 40 real life minutes. It actually happens every 24.
  • Lowered price of Vehicle Bombs to $250,000 and $125,000 respectively. The expensive carbomb is now also a fair bit more powerful.
  • Kill Assist detection should be a little better.
  • Fixed having an extended jail sentence if you kill someone right as you get arrested.
  • Fixed falling off the Regular Player's Club in some circumstances.
  • Fixed police cars spawned at PD sometimes showing medic messages.
  • Fixed a post-robbery counter appearing after failing a Store Robbery.
  • Fixed money indicator being drawn in the wrong place when paying a ticket or being arrested.
  • Fixed being unable to use animations while surfing an aircraft.
  • Fixed a leftover bug with paying rent.

Additionally, other minor releases, released before and since changed the following:

  • Being a passenger on a parked vehicle will no longer make you immune to damage. (AKA "G-Abuse")
  • Tickets you receive for robbing other players are now higher.
  • Very small changes to some menus.
  • Armour added to things you can "find" when robbing an Ammunation.
  • False-positive "can't use animations while falling" should be much less common.
  • You can no longer carry a Crate in any kind of aircraft.
  • Increased how much vehicle speed is affected by having too many players aboard or surfing it.
  • In the active city, the time you have to wait between robberies will be lower if there's more cops.
  • The time it takes to complete a robbery now varies depending on cops online and active city.
  • New players will have a better loadout.


SACNR Dev team