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Created by Jamie at 6th Dec 1974

Easter has arrived again! The Easter bunny has hidden 100 eggs across the map. Hunt them down and then type /egg while close to "collect" it.

You can check your progress (or anyone elses progress) in /sts.

The update will be live after the next restart.

Happy Easter from all of us at SACNR!



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Markski @19th Apr 2019

Nice easter bunny

Please note you can also see hints and other information with /egginfo (/ei)

[SS_Striker] @19th Apr 2019

its the best time of the year

=DCM=Gen.Frankie @19th Apr 2019

I thought Christmas was the best time of the year.

Nice egg hunt! :D

Vex @29th May 2019

Where are the results??