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Created by Blacklite at 14th Apr 2019, last modified 14th Apr 2019


I've made some updates to how the arrest system works and included some other balance/quality of life changes:

  • Arrest logic has changed. Previously if you had 50hp and someone shot you to 40hp, they would have to shoot again to arrest. Now if you reduce someone's hp below 50, they will be arrested. So for example, if you shoot someone with 55hp and it takes them to 45hp, they will be arrested without needing an extra shot.
  • Allow players to rob banks, stores, businesses, and casinos in the active city regardless of wanted level. If you try to rob one of these locations out of the active city, you will get an error if you have a wanted level.
  • Add general robbery cooldown for casinos, banks, businesses, houses, stores. If you succeed, you can't rob another location for 5 minutes. If you fail, you must wait 90 seconds to try again.
  • UI upgrades to all robberies. Countdown timers now shown as separate text draw for consistency and readaibility.
  • You now have to evade police for 60 seconds to "complete" a robbery and pocket the money. If police come near you, it'll reset the timer to 60 seconds. The timer starts at 120 seconds if you have a duffle bag, but will reset to 60 seconds if cops are nearby and the timer is below 60 seconds. This timer is also now shown in the UI so you can see it, whereas previously it was completely hidden.
  • Increase ticket range slightly to match the arrest range (they are now the same). Previously you had to be closer to a player to ticket them than to arrest them.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the arrest logic which could silently change the behaviour of the arrest system.
  • Fixed a bug which meant pressing the arrest key would not work if certain other keys were held down at the same time.
  • Fixed login music. This has been broken for many years and many players probably didn't realise it was a thing.
  • Some minor grammar/text improvements.

Some of these are live already, but the rest should go live after the next server restart.



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Vex @14th Apr 2019

So after many years u realized ur server needs u

DeNim @14th Apr 2019

Amazing! Updates Keep it up!

N7T @14th Apr 2019

We are need you bro !

Scarface @14th Apr 2019

I personally think that the robbery system should be reverted. At the moment, Cops seem far much more favourable over robbers, waiting to get rid of the police nearby is near enough impossible if they're also with a fast car/bike.

I think the way it was before was fine, but it now seems that Police/CIA have become much more overpowered, as it is now much more harder to rob things.

Not sure but what do you think?

Blacklite @15th Apr 2019

I don’t think we’ll be reverting it, but if it turns out to be overpowered we’ll adjust it. For example we can lower the reset timer to 30 seconds or lower the range so the cops have to be closer.

I think it makes more sense this way, because you have to actually escape from the cops before you get the money. Another suggestion was that you would have to take it to a specified hideout, but I figured cops would camp at them which wouldn’t be very fun.

Scarface @15th Apr 2019

Fair enough.