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Car Bombs [Edit]

Last updated by Aegon @16th Jun 2020

You can use vehicle bombs to blow up any vehicle. There are two types of vehicle bomb. Cheap vehicle bombs and standard bombs. They generate an explosion much bigger than a normal vehicle explosion and can be rigged without entering a vehicle. Whereas, cheap vehicle bombs do not create much bigger explosion and can be rigged through driver seat only.

To purchase a vehicle bomb, you need to find a bomb shop - they are marked by a "BS" on the mini-map. You can use /gps to find a bomb shop. Cheap bombs cost $100,000 and standard cost $250,000 and you can only hold one at a time.

To rig a vehicle, get in the drivers seat, type "/bomb", and then type "1" into the chat box to select the first option (Rig Vehicle). You can do this quickly by typing "/b 1" (/b is short for /bomb). Alternatively, you can rig a vehicle from outside by crouching next to it and pressing "Y". Once rigged, the car bomb can only be lost if:

  • You die.
  • The vehicle is destroyed (if the vehicle bomb is detonated, the vehicle will be destroyed).
  • An admin disables the bomb manually.
  • You leave the server.
  • The vehicle was bought by another player and they leave the server (causing the car to disappear).
  • You do not detonate the bomb for 12 game hours (it will expire and disappear).
  • Someone steals the vehicle and sells it at a car shop.
  • You get arrested.

To detonate your vehicle bomb after rigging a vehicle with it, type "/bomb" and then "1", or "/b 1" for short. You will then receive a green message in the chat box notifying you that the bomb should detonate and explode in 5 seconds.

Anyone who is in the vehicle will die immediately, and others caught in the blast may also die. If there are any players with hit contracts in the vehicle, you will receive the bounty. If a player is killed by the blast and was not inside the vehicle, you will also receive credit for completing the hit contract. If a player was killed by a vehicle bomb, then you cant kill him again with a vehicle bomb for 20 minutes.

There is a 10% chance of failure when attempting to detonate a vehicle bomb.

San Fierro:
Las Venturas:
Los Santos:

Vehicle bombs are not considered deathmatching; it is not against the rules to use them on any player for any reason. However, repeated killing via vehicle bombs is considered harassing a player which you may be punished for. If you die from a car bomb, you may place a hit on the person who car bombed you. If the one who tried to bomb you failed, and you lost health, youre also allowed to place a hit on or kill him.