Banks [Edit]

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At banks, letters can be sent, and money can be deposited and withdrawn from your bank account. Money that you have put into your bank account cannot be stolen or accessed by anyone else. All players have bank accounts.

Money can be deposited with /deposit, or withdrawn with /withdraw. You can deposit only $100,000,000 at once, and withdraw $10,000,000 at once. You can see your balance from anywhere by typing /balance. You can also transfer your money to another player using /transfer id amount, however you must be in a bank to use this command, and the amount that can be transferred at once is limited to $10,000,000.
You can only store up to $1,000,000,000 in your bank account.

Civilians may rob banks to earn cash. Use /robbank to start a bank robbery. The robbery will take around 30 - 60 seconds to complete.

The amount of cash you earn from the robbery depends on how far away the nearest cop is. The closer a cop is, the more money you will make.

If a bank robbery fails, you will get 4 stars. If the bank robbery is successful, you will get 6 stars.

You can lose the stolen money if you are arrested by law enforcement during the robbery, or if you are arrested by law enforcement within 60 seconds of completing the robbery.

You cannot withdraw, deposit, or give money to other players within a minute of robbing a bank.

Bank Locations
There are 8 banks in SACnR - one in each of the main cities and 5 smaller towns.

  • San Fierro:
  • Las Venturas:
  • Los Santos:
  • Palomino Creek:
  • Fort Carson:
  • Las Barrancas:
  • El Quebrados:
  • Angel Pine: