Anna [Edit]

Last updated by Kappa @15th May 2018

As a tribute to Anna, the old SACNR IRC bot, we have created an in-game chat bot with her name. Anna is mainly there to help players by announcing the SACNR rules in several languages and answering questions, but also comes out with helpful hints and random funny phrases every few minutes.

An example of the sort of questions that Anna can answer is: "What is business income?"
She will respond with: "Business income is a stable income, which you receive every 40 minutes if you own a business."

Anna currently has around 30-40 responses, with more always being added.

Note that she doesn't answer to exact phrases - she answers to certain sequences of words, so she'll answer to "Where can I buy drug plants?" with the same sentence as if you asked her "wHerE drug plAnt?"

You can find Anna on top of The Visage in Las Venturas.

People who dare visit Anna, never come back.