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Privacy Policy [Edit]

Last updated by Jamie @20th May 2018

The purpose of this page is to illustrate the kind of information we store from SACNR users and what we use it for. If you have any questions about the contents of this document, please email [email protected]


A cookie is a small file which websites store in your browser. On SACNR we use two types of cookies.
The first type tells us who is currently logged in, this ensures that only you can see your settings page and that your name can come up next to forum posts.
We also use Google analytics to provide anonymous statistics about which browsers are being used the post, which areas of the site do people visit after logging in and they can also give us information about where people are having issues with the site.

Data we store

We store some of the data you give us in the database with the rest of your stats.
This includes:

  • Your email address - We use this for resetting lost passwords, notifying you of replies on the forum or other account related notifications.
  • Your IP address - We use this mainly for account security and also when tracking ban evaders. Using this information we can check where an account has been logged in at a certain time.

Protecting your data

We vow to never sell (or give away) any of your data to anyone unless required for law enforcement purposes. Our database is protected with multiple layers of security, including but not limited to, disk encryption and IP restrictions on who can log in. We also restrict who can read the database as the less people with access, the better.
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