Bans [Edit]

Last updated by CHAUDHRY. @1st Jul 2019

Bans are given to players who break the rules. The length of a ban is determined solely at the admins' discretion, however players who are reasonable and apologetic for their actions are usually unbanned early.

When you are banned, you must not;

  • Try to re-enter the game, even on a different username. (this is ban evading),
  • Try to contact an admin (via PM or email),
  • Ask about your ban on the forums, IRC, or teamspeak.

When you are banned, you may;

  • go to and appeal your ban (be polite!),
  • email [email protected] if you think the admin has locked your ban appeal unfairly, or if they are not replying after 2-3 days.

Breaching these rules may get your ban extended, or ban you from additional services including but not limited to the forums, IRC, and/or teamspeak. In general, it's best to be patient and polite, and the situation will be resolved much easier.
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