Ranks [Edit]

Last updated by Markski @25th Apr 2020

Ranks are a way to measure a player's skill relative to that of other players. It is split between criminal ranking and police ranking. All players begin as Unranked, and will earn a skill after playing for long enough.

Rank is modified by actions that happened in the last few weeks or months, depending on your level of activity. Low activity can result in losing a rank or falling in level.

Law enforcement ranks from lower to higher skill:

  • Officer I
  • Officer II
  • Officer III
  • Officer Elite
  • Lieutenant I
  • Lieutenant II
  • Lieutenant III
  • Lieutenant Elite
  • Sheriff
  • Marshall of San Andreas

Criminal ranks from lower to higher skil:

  • Thug I
  • Thug II
  • Thug III
  • Thug Elite
  • Gangster I
  • Gangster II
  • Gangster III
  • Gangster Elite
  • Criminal Kingpin
  • Public Enemy of San Andreas

The only way to gain a better rank is by actively playing and being good at the game.

While activities such as completing hits, winning duels and arresting players are the best for increasing your rank, all sorts of activities in SACNR will help your score increase or decrease, too.

Not playing your best won't make your rank inmediatly lower, so don't worry about simply having bad days in the game.
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