Admins [Edit]

Last updated by Jamie @10th Aug 2015

SACNR, like all SA:MP servers, has a handful of administrators. For a list of all of the admins, please visit

Our admins are not given any specific rules, but are told to follow the game rules, and use common sense. If you see an admin who looks busy with something, do not approach them unless asked, as you may interrupt them and you could possibly be punished.

Generally, we ask players not to be irritating, but we suggest that you are even more respectful to admins than normal players because admins will enforce rules where they see fit. Do not think that just because you are a regular player, you can tell admins how to do their job. They are very experienced players, and they know how to do their job.

Don't ask to be admin, ever. You will become admin if Blacklite and the other server admins think that you would be good at the job. Admin work isn't as easy and fun as it looks. Do not be fooled.

Admins have access to weapons and items that cannot be bought or used by normal players. They are the only players who are allowed to use them so do not ask them to spawn any of these items for you. This includes asking for vehicles. Any normal player seen with these items should be reported immediately.

Do not PM an admin to check your complaints, or you will be banned.