Lottery [Edit]

Last updated by Jamie @10th Aug 2015

The lottery is an event which takes place daily, at 22:00 game time (10PM)

Lotto money is collected from several sources:

  • Taxes
  • Weapon/food sales
  • Post bank fees
  • Most other player-to-computer purchases

All players are automatically entered into the lotto. At 22:00 (10:00PM) game time, the server will pick a random player ID and then one lucky person receives a large sum of money, the amount depends on those four factors listed above. Sometimes, the server will pick an ID of a player who is not online, in which case nobody will win. If there is no lotto winner then the jackpot is carried onto the next lotto draw. The lotto is reset at the end of each game month. It is not that players with double-digit numbers as their ID cannot win the lotto, this is a false notion.

If you win the lotto, you'll get a message on your screen informing you that you've won, and it'll also be proclaimed in the chatbox. The jackpot is given to you as soon as you win, so you may want to store the money in a biz and/or a bank as it advertises on the chat that you've won a large amount of money so people may want to rob you.


  • Players with negative score can't win lotto.
  • /lotto command was added to help new members who have questions about the lottery system.
  • You can't get your money/jackpot when you are in log-in section and you'll not even get refund in any such situation.
  • Never quit to avoid being robbed after you have won the lotto unless you have deposited the money in your properties and/ or the bank. This will be noticed and all of the lotto money will be confiscated if otherwise.