Houses [Edit]

Last updated by Roel @29th Oct 2018

In SACNR, you can purchase houses. As of now, there are 1836 houses around San Andreas. Houses are in high demand, however many are often sold as a result of the owner failing to visit the property within 14 days. House prices range from $289,000 to $46,011,238. House prices depend on how many times they have been bought and how popular the area is.

In order to own one house, you must have atleast a minimum of 3 hours of playtime. If you want 2 houses, you need to be regular player level 4, and for 3 houses, you need to be regular player level 10.

General Info
To get a list of all of the houses that you own, where they are, and the amount of money and drugs in storage, you can type /house.
If you quit the game while inside your house, you will spawn in your house the next time you connect. If you parked a locked vehicle outside, that will be saved too. Vehicle paintjobs and other modifications are not saved.
You can change the name of your house, using the /house menu while inside the house, or by typing /housename [name]. House names must be between 2 and 20 characters.

Buying a House
To buy a house, walk into the red checkpoint of an unowned house, located at the door, and type /buy. A list of unowned houses and houses that will be sold to the server soon can be found here: (Note: You must be a regular player and logged into the website in order to access the page)

Storage And Robberies
Players can enter your house if:

  • They break in.
  • You have given them keys to the house.
  • A wanted player is inside your house. (Cops only)
  • A player with a hit is inside your house.
  • You allow players to rent your house and a player rents it.

You can also store up to $100,000,000 in your house. Any civilian who manages to get into your house can rob it, so be careful who you give house keys to. If you are unsure, you can always /resethousekeys, which removes access to your house for all players. You can give keys to as many players as you like with /givehousekeys. If you want to remove a specific player's access to your house, you can type /takehousekeys [player] (the player needs to be online). To see a list of players with access to your house, visit your profile page and click the house you want to see info on.

To break into someone's house, walk into the house checkpoint and type /breakin. If you are successful, you will receive a wanted level, and be taken into their house. You can then rob their house with /robhouse. You can attempt to break into any house, but you can not rob a house if the owner is not online.

If someone breaks into your house or robs it, you are allowed to kill them or place a hit on them. Quiting to avoid house being robbed is punishable.

Loss of Houses
Players can lose their houses if one of the following occurs:

  • The player does not visit his/her house for more than 2 weeks. Spawning in your house, or walking into your house counts as a visit.
  • The player does not have enough money to pay house taxes when they come around, and subsequently the house is taken.

As of the current version of SACNR, you are automatically refunded for any houses lost due to either of these methods. You will be refunded a percentage of the house value, along with any money you had stored inside it.

Houses when sold
If a house is sold using /sell, the previous owner cannot re-buy the house until 24 hours have passed.