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Hit Contracts [Edit]

Last updated by Markski @25th Apr 2020

Hit Contracts

Hit contracts are a great way to have someone killed. Placing hits requires you to place money on someone so hitmen on the server will kill that person. After the person is killed, the hitman who dealt the finishing blow will get the money. The minimum amount for placing a hit contract is $25,000.
If a hit contract has not been completed after 24 in-game hours then the contract will expire.


/hit [Nick/ID] [amount] - Places a hit on someone.
/cancelhit [Nick/ID] (/chit) - Cancels a hit you have placed on someone. Must be within 60 seconds of hit placement.
/hits - Displays a list of all currently active hits.
/myhits - Displays a list of currently active hits that you have placed.
/hitinfo (/hi) - Displays who placed a hit on you, and the amount of the hit.
/hitback (/hb) - Allows you to instantly hit the player back that hit you, for the minimum amount of $20,000.

$hit to see close player with a hit.

Cops cannot complete/see hit contracts
Cops can place hits on other players, but they are unable to use $hit and /hits commands.

For rules regarding hit contracts, please see

After the server restarts, you are not allowed to seek revenge for something that happened before the server restarted. In other words, if someone robs you, and the server restarts, you are no longer allowed to seek revenge. You cannot attack someone for something they did BEFORE a server restart.

Tip: If you have a Hit Contract placed on you, and you go to hide yourself in your house, other players can enter the house without even breaking in. Also, if you are wanted (red), cops can enter your house to arrest you. You are also not able to /eject people from your house as long as you have a hit on you.
You are also unable to jump in a bike while you have a hit on you. Trying to do so will eject you from it.