Events [Edit]

Last updated by Slizer @19th Sep 2015

Every once in a while, admins that are online may create a fun event that anyone may join. Some of the common events include derbies, steal the drugs, hide and seek and races, and dodging the plane. Generally, you can join an event by using the /yes command. When there is an event and the /yes command is used by a player, he/she will automatically be teleported to the event.

It's not easy for admins to make events, and a lot of work goes into them. Don't annoy admins for events in the main chat, they will make an event when they want to.

Event rules

  • Don't shoot or kill other players (unless the event requires it, like deathmatching events!)
  • Don't arrest, rob, tazer or ticket players.
  • Don't save event vehicles (such as Rhino, Hunter, Hydra etc..). These are vehicles spawned by an admin which you can not buy yourself.
  • Even if the event has ended, you are NOT allowed to tazer, arrest, rob or shoot (shooting may be allowed only if admin says so) in the area where the event took place.
  • Any other rules that are provided before the event starts

If you break any of these rules while at an event and a player complains or an admin sees it, you will be punished. If you are caught breaking a rule multiple times, you may receive a ban.

You join all events at your own risk, meaning there will not be any refunds (unless you get DM'd at the event, in that case make a report and ask for a refund on the forums), most of the events are unfair death, unless you see an admin say in big letters "You will pay med fees".