Drugs [Edit]

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In SACNR, civilians are able to plant drugs virtually anywhere throughout San Andreas. You must plant drug seeds and wait for the plants to mature, at which time they may be harvested. You can take drugs to regain health, and they may also be stored in your house.

You may use drugs to regain your health by using the command /takedrug or /td for short. The default amount of drugs used is 10 grams but you may choose your own by inputting a number after the command. Example: /td 7. You may, also, give drugs to other players with the command /givedrug [amount] or /gd [amount] for short.

Planting or using drugs with cops nearby will give you a wanted level of 1. This will alert the police that you have committed a crime. Be careful when planting because this may give away the location of your drug plants.

To plant drugs, you will need to find a spot high enough above sea level and type /plant. Each plant must be a certain distance away from other plants or any building entrances. You cannot plant drugs indoors. Drug plants take about 30 minutes to fully mature. Up to five seeds may be planted at any given time. To plant more drugs, you will need to harvest any existing plants, or wait for them to die.

When you get a "LARGE PLANT WARNING" message on your screen, you will need to harvest the drugs before the plants reach 250 grams. If they reach 251 grams, they will die. Walk into the red marker for your plant and type "1" into the chat box to harvest the drugs.

Up to 500 grams of drugs can be held on your player if you do not have a drug bag. Drug bags can be purchased for $40,000 at any drug refill point (marked by a D on your map) and allow you to hold up to 1500 grams of drugs which can be lost on arrest, meaning if you will lose all your drugs apart from 500 grams, if you're holding more than 500 grams. Drugs may also be stored inside your house. Up to 10,000 grams of drugs may be stored.

If you are a cop and you find a drug plant, you may seize it by walking into the marker and typing "1" into the chat box. You will receive a $5,000 bonus for doing so. If you are a civilian, you may steal drugs planted by others by walking into the red marker and typing "1" into the chat box. When you are very close to a plant, a small red square will appear on your mini map showing you the plant's location.

Selling Drugs
Drugs may be sold at drug refill points for $350 per gram, or $450 per gram if you are in the current active city. You may sell 1500 grams at a time.

Drug Point Locations
San Fierro:
Las Venturas:
Los Santos: