SA:MP can be downloaded at the official website.


Here is a list of mods you may download and use on SACNR. If you didn't download it here, it is not allowed, and you will be banned. To clarify: If you want to use a mod on our server, you MUST download it from here.

  • SACNR Keybinder (by fma965)
    Application which allows to bind game commands to keys on your keyboard.
  • Detailed Radar
    Improves the look and level of detail of the game map, by replacing the cartoony minimap textures with proper images of the game world.

CLEO mods

The following mods require CLEO, which can be downloaded here.

  • Y-axis mouse fix
    Fixes a GTA:SA error which causes horizontal and vertical mouse movement sensitivitiy to not be fixed.
  • Project2DFX
    Set of plugins to improve the look of the game, specially for distant objects. Not recommended if you run integrated graphics.
  • SilentPatch
    Fixes a lot of bugs with GTA:SA. If you install this, you don't need the Y-axis mouse fix listed above.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Here are some links for purchasing GTA SA. Note: the Microsoft store version of the game is unusable. The Steam and Rockstar Launcher versions will only work after being downgraded.