Authorised donators

Rules on selling donator statuses

  • Any chargebacks will result in a 2 month ban for all players involved. That means if you "buy" a donator status with in-game money and it gets charged back, you will be liable as well as the player who donated for you.
  • Players selling donator statuses via the forums or in-game must meet the following requirements:
    • You must be a donator yourself.
    • You must be regular player level 5 or higher.
    • You must have no "has cheated" tag on your profile
    • You must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English
  • Any players caught selling unauthorised donator statuses on the forums, in-game, or anywhere else, will be banned for at least 2 months, possibly more depending on the severity.

Privacy Policy

By revoking a payment, you hereby give us the right to use your personal information for the sole purpose of recovering any funds lost due to lost donations or fees, in any way we see fit.

Neither SACNR nor any of its staff will be held liable for damages relating to your abuse of this privacy policy or any other rules set out on this web page.

We will notify you if we decide to make changes to this policy.